Turning adversity into success  

Turning adversity into success

On October 5th we host our Next In Tech Conference (www.nextintech.co.uk) which will be dealing with many of the major challenges businesses face in today’s tech orientated world. We are very lucky to have Matt Franklin, Director and Co-Founder of Roc Technologies (www.roctechnologies.com) who is going to give us some insight into how their business turned adversity into success.


Roc Technologies is one of the UK’s fastest growing IT services company. They have won multiple business and technology awards and they specialise in helping organisations transform and improve.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur and a specialist in the technology sector. Matt established Prime Business Solutions in 1996 from a stable on his parents’ farm which went on to become the UKs most respected independent Unified Communications company with over £40m revenues and zero debt. Prime was successfully exited in 2004 and Matt took some time out before reinvesting his exit proceeds in the company that bought Prime. In 2013 that company went into administration resulting in Matt starting Roc Technologies from scratch. In 2016, Roc was recognised as one of the fastest growing IT services business in the UK by the Sunday Times Tech Track 100, and the 17th fastest growing business in Europe by the Financial Times with run rate revenues of £25m and around 200 employees. In this session Matt will talk candidly about his story and share lessons learned the hard way!

We thought ahead of Matt’s talk we would set the scene on how to turn adversity into success.

It is said that adversity is a certainly, alongside death and taxes that is. Everyone and every business faces it and from our experience, those adverse challenges are constant and ever changing. Most of us have never tackled many of the day to day business challenges, until they land on our lap. Plus, there is rarely a manual on how to solve them. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.  Of course, we all take our failures very much to heart. That said, failures via unpleasant and difficult circumstances are exactly what we need to learn, grow and improve.

We are all hired for our ability to learn, to problem solve and to create solutions. Any adverse situation causes us to focus on that problem. We start to ask why did that happen? And from that we start to see the behaviours and actions we took that led to that adverse challenge. Certainly, there are plenty of adverse circumstances that we did not create ourselves, such as a new boss that has terrible management skills; still, that focus will help you create the answer of how to deal with it. Focus gives you perspective. Next time you tackle the problem you’ll make an adjustment to your method and you’ll get better results.

It is rightly said that there is no failure, only feedback. If we fail, we have learned that particular method was not the right way to do it. It does not mean that the task is impossible. By asking, what would I do differently or better? This will turn “I can’t” into “I can, I just need to…..”.

Avoidance is very often a key contributor to adverse situations getting worse. In our heads we make the situation worse by building it up to being impossible to solve. If you find yourself in that situation, the best course of action is to tackle the problem now. “Eat the frog.” as Brian Tracy would say. Simply do not put it off. Very often this adverse situation is not as difficult as you think. Break the task up into smaller tasks and then complete each step one by one. This makes things far easier to tackle.

Then, give yourself credit for what you have achieved. Positive self-speak is a key ingredient to building confidence and the more confident you are, the easier you will handle similar tasks in the future.

If you are not sure what to do to solve things, talk with a colleague, your boss, a friend or a mentor. Working the problem through with another person will give you another perspective and will potentially open up new avenues to solve the challenge more easily.

Most importantly, learn from those who have gone before you. This is one of the best ways to overcome adverse situations. No matter how big or small your company, there is someone out there that has dealt with very similar challenges before. Seek them out and find out how they solved it. See what you can replicate in your own circumstances. Very often the way forward is quite simple. It just needs focus, perspective, a plan and action on the plan. All those little steps will go a very long way to solving adversity and it is something all of us can do.

Interested in seeing how Matt helped steer Roc Technologies to success and want to find out how you can replicate it in your business? Come to our Next In Tech Conference on October 5th. Find out more at www.nextintech.co.uk

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