Why Wandsworth DigiTech has created Next In Tech

Why Wandsworth DigiTech has created Next In Tech

The Next In Tech conference (www.nextintech.co.uk) was created to inspire and educate business leaders and owners by showcasing the best available technology. Also, to learn how the most successful companies have used it to scale up and grow.

There are over 5.5 million private sector businesses in the UK, 99.3% of these in the SME sector. These businesses account for a turnover of £1.8 trillion and employ over 15.7 million people. The reality is that regardless of the industry that these businesses are in, they all use technology as a large part of their infrastructure. Without technology business in the UK would not be at the levels that it is today. Technology has allowed us to create new industries and develop solutions that were unimaginable 20 years ago.

The Next In Tech conference is also an opportunity to engage the wider business community so they can see how to apply these technologies in their own business and prepare for the new standards that are on the horizon.

Wandsworth Digitech (www.wandsworthdigitech.com), a part of the Your Business Your Growth Initiative from Wandsworth Council, is run by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd (www.cpgexp.com). The idea is to bring the business community together by talking tech. The point is to help them understand, use and build on the technology they already have in place. It is also an opportunity for local technology businesses to showcase their products and build partnerships and friendships with the businesses that they serve.

Soraya Lavery, Co-Founder of Wandsworth DigiTech explained “We want to build a big DigiTech network that is self-sustaining.” To achieve this Wandsworth DigiTech holds monthly Meetups across Wandsworth Borough and invites experts to speak on tech’s hottest topics. They have built an avenue for tech enthusiasts and the business community to get to grips with the technology information they need to know. Wandsworth DigiTech is now a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs who inspire, motivate, encourage each other along their journey.

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